​Twinkling Stars: ​6 Weeks- 24 Months

​Our Infant room is for children 6 weeks- 2 years old. The classroom is built around the unique needs of every child enrolled. A spacious, clean and colorful environment filled with tons of learning opportunities. This classroom follows your child's schedule, upon enrolling all families will fill out a detailed "Getting to know you" form which allows the teachers to fit your child's life at home with their daily routine in our center. At such a young and precious age we focus on social emotional development, by meeting the emotional needs and wants of your baby. Each teacher focuses on building a bond between themselves and your child. We begin to work on gross motor skills by providing tummy time, opportunity to crawl and learn to walk. We design and set up the classroom environment following the ITERS Guideline- Infant, toddler environment scale. Our classroom is designed to be comfy and cozy, toys are soft and many items are "real life" objects exposing children to everyday items they see around them. All babies are placed on their back to sleep to prevent the risk of SIDS. Our center in every room provides an open door policy; we welcome families to come in any time to spend time with their children! 

Bright Stars: 2-3 Years Old

This age is such an amazing time of growth and opportunity! Our classroom is designed to provide optimal growth in all areas of learning. We focus on social emotional development, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, language development, care and respect for themselves and others. It's never too early to learn, this is why we design a lesson plan around each child's strengths and abilities helping children reach their full potential. Lesson plans are done weekly which include a weekly theme. letters, numbers, colors and shapes. We introduce science and math skills in our weekly lessons as well. We provide potty training in this classroom and work with families to help in Potty Training Assistance. The classroom environment is set up to allow for ample learning opportunity. The classroom furniture is at the children's level including placing pictures and art work at their level. Children are provided consistent opportunity to be helpful, responsible and respectful in the classroom. The classroom is divided into interest areas "centers" that the children can freely pick materials that they enjoy using. We label the classroom to provide a print rich environment and begin exposing children to the world of literacy. 

​Shining Stars: 3-4 Years Old

Our Preschool classroom is here to help every child shine in success. Our preschool room kicks it up a notch on learning and development. Our lesson plans are designed to meet the ever thriving children in our room. The preschool classroom is designed with a high powered curriculum. A lesson plan is designed to provide all areas of development, weekly themed, weekly letter learning, shapes, colors, pre-math and literacy skills. We then take the time and opportunity to teach to each child's level, we understand not all children learn the same way or the same pace. We individualize our lesson plans to work on every child’s strengths. Weekly observations are written for each child and placed in their personal portfolios which allow us to reference and document growth for each child. Our classroom environment is set up to specifically meet all learning areas, we provide a dramatic play area, fine motor skills, cognitive/ problem solving, science, math, music and a cozy library. Literacy is a large focus in our classroom; we encourage and foster a love for reading for a lifetime of success! We encourage creativity and imagination in all of our classrooms. We are not the average centers with copies of coloring pages being sent home. Instead we focus on the process and not the product. It is more valuable and meaningful to children when they can create something using their own views on how something may look to them. We teach self-respect and respect for others, each child is encouraged to use their words during moments of conflict, or just the need to communicate something they may feel. Upon entering the room all children are personally greeted and are allowed a chance at our feelings wall to let us know how they are feeling that day. Every child is respected in our classroom and we focus on this throughout our day. 

​Rising Stars: 4- 5 Years Old

We are rising to the top! Our Pre-K class is a busy environment of learning and a place where children begin to prepare for the school years ahead! Our Pre-K program is designed to make sure children are ready to enter the school years ahead. We follow the Nevada Pre-K standards in an effort to ensure children are ready for the big step to kindergarten. We begin our school year with a review of letters, shapes and colors, we then begin to move on to more complex teaching. Children begin to identify letters, write, and as the year progresses we begin with site words ( the, it and, cat) we use the "Dolch List" as a guideline of sight word teaching. Children will learn more complex shapes and the introduction to mathematics. Reading is large part of our focus in an effort to foster a lifelong love of books. All materials have a direct and indirect purpose teaching in many different areas. Children are given responsibilities and duties within the classroom that help them develop positive social emotional skills. It is our goal that all children are prepared and ready for Kindergarten. We end the school year with a Pre-K graduation and an opportunity for all children to feel proud and accomplished for all their hard work!
Security Features

We understand the importance of security and knowing your children are in a secure setting. Rising Star has many features in place to allow for high security. Our front doors are never left open, upon enrolling each family is given a a specific access code to enter and exit the building. Families can be at ease knowing we provide this feature that does not allow unauthorized guests into the school. 

We have high quality HD cameras in each room, recording 24 hours a day. We picked a system that would provide consistent recording with no delay in recording. 

All doors leading to the outside are locked and have added security devices to alarm us when any motion on a door is detected. We are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week by trained military personal. We take security seriously and have equipped our facility in the best line of security features for your peace of mind.

We are open; Monday- Friday

6:30 AM - 6:30 PM